September was no slouch of a month. I finally acquired a flat file for print storage – this is something I’ve desired for many, many years and I found one on craigslist for a song of a deal. I spent a whole weekend rearranging our spare bedroom to accommodate it and I have to say I’m loving the energy in this room after incorporating the flat file. It feels more like a studio space than just a storage room. Everything is settled and in it’s right place just in time to do Inktober! You can follow along on my Instagram account @lyssytetro all month long. I’ll post some of my favorites on this blog at the end of the month~!

Yikes! Long time no write – the year really slipped by me I suppose. A lot has happened – I got married in August, I started working on new equestrian product branding, I also wrote several articles for Sidelines Magazine. Besides the wedding (which was pretty consuming in mental and design capacities) I was super excited to get a brand new printer! Looking forward to making art prints on this baby!

February the shortest month has also been the quietest month. It’s mostly been raining in San Diego so a lot of time has been spent inside contemplating and day dreaming. It was my fiance’s birthday and the year mark since we got engaged – so there was a lot of celebrating and spending time away from the computer. Stickers arrived and went up for sale in the shop – I applied for my California Tax and Fee permit so I can actually pay the state sales tax on my items. Yay for collecting sales tax haha.

In the midst of all the holiday hub-bub I missed my December blog post about what’s going on. Basically it was all about family and friends – wrapping up working on the Mercury Moon website and finishing up this website!

In January work was a little slow – I illustrated a couple horses, worked on the Mercury Moon logo and wrote a piece about Diversity in Equestrian Media for The Plaid Horse which blew up! I’m glad to get the conversation going even if some of the voices out there are toxic. One step at a time.

Long time no talk – a lot has happened since my last post. I finished my Grad School program in 2016 and walk in the commencement ceremony in 2017. I moved from NorCal to SoCal, traversed a web of making new friends, building new routines, and discovering who I am down here.

I’m finally getting my act together and doing it! At the beginning of September of this year I vowed to use the last quarter of the year to dust off, update, and publish my portfolio site as well as launching a webstore. I’ve been working diligently a little bit everyday. Things just started happening at the end of October – I was asked to do 2 freelance projects (illustration and website + branding) as well write a blog piece for The Plaid Horse (which did very well!) Right after Thanksgiving I officially launched my webstore (link on my About page) we’re down to 1 month left of the year.

Welcome to the Soft Launch and I look forward to being more active!

I am currently in the middle of my third and last summer intensive for the MFA in Comics program at CCA. So close to graduating and hopefully I will again be more active in the online community!