Better late than never right - September was a whirlwind, more so than normal. Day job has gotten very busy and my freelance work has also picked up quickly as well. At work I've been tasked with redesigning processes and webpages, as well as the shared word-logo for our department. Freelance wise, I've started managing the social media accounts of a small book publisher. It's a great group and I'm learning so much about the industry. I won't be participating in Inktober/Drawlloween because of how busy I am but I want to make sure that I do some drawing and creative work this month in the spirit of the 30 day challenges. I honestly cannot believe we are already in the last quarter of the year. 2021 really flew by quickly.

Another months of ups and downs has just passed. I fell flat on the Drawlloween, my car started to give me some major trouble, my grandmother was given a terminal diagnoses and was actively dying. I spent a lot of time feeling frazzled, lost and anxious. I did sign up for a drawing class - Anatomy of the Hand. Very exciting and a much needed skill. My article on Jay Moore came out and it was much liked by all, especially those involved. Halloween is the pagan new year and it is a good time to mentally reset to finish out the calendar year on a more sure footing. The path forward in November is a bit clearer.

Happy Samhain! Inktober is officially over today and I uploaded my favorites that I drew over the course of the month. Some days I felt really inspired and others not. It was a month of trying to get organized and catch up, building relationships with new clients.

September was no slouch of a month. I finally acquired a flat file for print storage – this is something I’ve desired for many, many years and I found one on craigslist for a song of a deal. I spent a whole weekend rearranging our spare bedroom to accommodate it and I have to say I’m loving the energy in this room after incorporating the flat file. It feels more like a studio space than just a storage room. Everything is settled and in it’s right place just in time to do Inktober! You can follow along on my Instagram account @lyssytetro all month long. I’ll post some of my favorites on this blog at the end of the month~!