Half way through 2021... oh my! How can it be that midsummer is a little over a week away?! I landed my second cover story with Sidelines Magazine. My work for them has taken a bit of a backseat to APHA's assignments, but once my last 2 APHA articles for 2021 are finished in August, I will be focusing more on my drawing freelance and picking up a couple more articles for Sidelines to round out my 2021 work done.

Here is a scenario - you are a manager hiring for a writing position. You get a bunch of candidates, one being an internal candidate who has experience freelancing and degrees that match the job requisition, they just don't have the day-job titles that would match the position. But, they hustle, they land paid writing and design gigs for years - DO NOT offer that person 'exposure work' FULL STOP. It's condescending as all hell. Unless alienating one of your companies employees IS what you are after.

This happened to me recently, I guess I'll quietly look for work elsewhere while continuing to contract my services to the wonderful magazines that have been giving me work.

Yikes! Long time no write – the year really slipped by me I suppose. A lot has happened – I got married in August, I started working on new equestrian product branding, I also wrote several articles for Sidelines Magazine. Besides the wedding (which was pretty consuming in mental and design capacities) I was super excited to get a brand new printer! Looking forward to making art prints on this baby!