L.N. Williams — Writer, Designer, Cartoonist, Printmaker, based in San Diego, CA


Printmaking is possibly my favorite medium to work in. I started off in Printmaking I and UC Santa Cruz and enjoyed woodblock. Once I learned the Intaglio process though my fate was sealed. I love the ephemera of a continually decaying copper plate.

In 2006 I was able to combine my growing crush of photography with my continual passion of Intaglio by learning both photogravure and CMYK photogravure. Not for the faint of heart!

Date2005 – Present

Dreamer – Intaglio

Roses and Thorns – Intaglio

Advent V – Intaglio

Advent VI – Intaglio

2029 A.D. Intalgio

Airships – Intaglio

Atomic Kiss – Intaglio

Maquilapolis – Photogravure

Monster Vision – CMYK Photogravure

Nefas – Woodblock

Self Portrait – Woodblock

Revelations 3:16 – Intaglio

Immaculate Heart – Intaglio

Vox Machina Vox Dei – Intaglio