I was happy to be included this month as a finalist for Eventing Nation's first diversity scholarship. I don't talk about my horseback riding much on my personal website though my love for horses permeates my portfolio. It's one thing I'm just very passionate about, and being biracial Black means I have the perspective of not being default in the community. I'm glad people are listening. You can read the whole essay here: https://eventingnation.com/lyssette-williams-bipoc-riders-like-me-are-watching-and-waiting/

I had some really big plans for August, I took a week off to work on my writing pitches and also to start inking again. We also almost bought a house. All these plans came tumbling down - work (my 8-5) kept me from actually taking time off so nothing got done on my personal projects. It's hard to feel like I'll ever get ahead with letting my creative career take off when I'm stuck bogged down trying to pay my bills with my steady job. But that is capitalism for you. I'll try again this month.