L.N. Williams — Writer, Designer, Cartoonist, Printmaker, based in San Diego, CA

Starting in 2019 I began writing articles for Sidelines Magazine, an equestrian magazine based in California covering athletes, artists, and the equestrian lifestyle.

ForSidelines Magazine RoleContributing Writer
Date2019 – Present

Masthead with credit

Rider Spotlight: Wendy Sasser

Rider Spotlight: Sarah Invicta Williams-Echols

Rider Spotlight: Jay Moore

Rider Spotlight: Lauren Hough

Sidelines Success: The Harris Sisters

Art: Frederique Poulain

Rider Spotlight: Ryan Pedigo

Rider Spotlight: Zazou Hoffman

Rider Spotlight: Chenoa McElvain

Fashion: Yulia Bratkovskaya

Rider Spotlight: Ariel Grald

Cover Story: Nick Haness

Cover Story: Geoffrey Woolson