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Mary's Tack and Feed


In early 2017 I was approached by one of the largest and well known independent equestrian supply stores in Southern California to work with them on their Social Media. I would create social media calendars, do product photography, and work on Mary’s original Blog/Article content to share with the wider Mary’s community. Their Instagram and Facebook follower numbers exploded as they began engaging with customers online.ou

I also managed, edited, and uploaded Mary’s video content to their YouTube.

These are PDF prints of the articles which can be read on their website. Link above.

Check out their Instagram account @Marystackshop

Date2017-2019 RoleSocial Media Specialist

Mary’s Tack and Feed on Instagram

Instagram Post for Mary's - High End Clothing Merchandising

All About Horse Boots

Mary's IG - High End Clothing Merchandising

Attending an Annual Meeting and What to Bring!

I was able to get playful and seasonal with posts

Chickens, Chicks, and Flock Health

It was important to take lifestyle merchandise out of the store

Flyspray Showdown

Brainstorming seasonal copy and photos was always a favorite of mine

Foal Nutrition – Weaning to Adulthood

Getting playful with seasonal merchandise

Gear Up for Fly Season

Always on site for sponsored events

How to Throw a Kentucky Derby Party

It was important to take lifestyle merchandise out of the store for photoshoots

Let’s Talk About Horse Conditioners

Worked with inhouse buyers to push seasonal products

Making S.M.A.R.T Goals

Mare and Foal Nutrition

Maximizing Limited Saddle Time

New Horse Essentials

Reducing Your Horse’s Colic Risk

Summer Sun Safety

Supporting Your Horse’s Gut Health

Trailer Safety Tips